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“I was looking for a nice city trip yesterday. I saw an offer on a new site today, for a weekend in Paris. In short, the ad has been adapted to my current interests.”


“It’s convenient for me that I won’t have to log in every time I visit my favourite web shops. The website uses cookies to remember my user name and password.”


This cookie explanation has been drafted in collaboration with members of the industry and discussed with OPTA.


Most of the websites you visit use cookies to enhance their service offering. Those smart techniques collect and use information, making websites easier to use. One of the things cookies ensure is that you can continue to be logged-in on a website, or they remember your preferences, such as location and language settings. What’s more, they keep score of what you have in your digital shopping cart when you shop online. Thanks to cookies, website owners can see how often their sites - and which pages - are visited. Also, some cookies make it possible to follow the cookies you have visited earlier on. This enables sites and advertisers to learn about your preferences, thus allowing them to show more relevant ads. In most cases, maintaining websites usually requires receiving revenue from ads. Cookies make sure they will be adapted to your own interests as much as possible.


Cookies are stored on your computer and you can remove them whenever you want. This is very simple: just click one of the icons below to immediately go to your browser manual. Please note, however, that once you have removed cookies some websites require you to reset your preferences or you will have to log in a new each time you visit.



Important to know: using cookies is safe. Cookies will never result in spam messages or undesirable phone calls since they never save your e-mail address or phone number. Neither are cookies used to build a detailed personal profile.